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Pinned topic Error BMXAA1198E - The date is not within a valid financial period

‏2013-08-30T18:15:44Z | financial item master

Hi, I'm on SCCD 7.5. I am trying to add an item master to a storeroom. When I select the item and select action>add item to storeroom and enter required fields, I get the following error after I hit OK: "BMXAA1198E - The date is not within a valid financial period"

Tried to troubleshoot by going to Financial>Chart of Accounts>Financial Periods and entering date 8/30/13 - 8/30/14. 

Also tried to add a test GL under Financial>Chart of Accounts>GL Component Maintenance with the dates of 8/30/13 - 8/30/14. Still get error. 

Any suggestions on how to resolve? I also got the error when trying to test Service Request records.