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Pinned topic Reconfigure MDISK pool on V7000

‏2013-09-02T14:18:45Z |



After having a couple of disks offline (removed and re-inserted) in our V7000, the former hotspare has somehow become a member of one of the MDISK pools.

We have 1 V7000 control enclosure and 1 expansion. The former configuration was 2x 8-disk-pools, 1x 7-disk-pool, and one hotspare for each enclosure.

Now the affected enclosure has 1x 8-disk-pool, 1x 7-disk-pool and 1x 9-disk-pool. And no hotspare.

So my question is: How do I remove the 9th disk from one of the MDISK pools and reenable it as a hotspare? Do I have to delete the Whole MDISK pool?


Thanks in advance,


  • AndersLorensen
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    Re: Reconfigure MDISK pool on V7000

    ‏2013-09-03T12:09:06Z  in response to rate

    Changing the size of an MDISK is not possible, so you cannot have a raid containing 9 disks all of a sudden. Are you sure you are reading the GUI correct?


    Did you follow all fix procedures? What errors are in the events right now? And is there any active jobs running? (raid sync processes etc?)




    • rate
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      Re: Reconfigure MDISK pool on V7000

      ‏2013-09-03T12:51:48Z  in response to AndersLorensen

      It appears you are right. The system was rebuilding yesterday, and that's where it showed on of the spare disk as belonging to mdisk group 2. I checked now, and now that the rebuild process is finished, everything is back to normal.

      So this only leads to one wondering why the #%¤ the disk is shown as a member disk during rebuild and a spare disk afterworths :)

      Anyhoo I'm happy. Thanks for your help.