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Pinned topic Order Service unable to get order history list

‏2013-07-15T15:05:28Z | bod history order webservice

Hi,i have


GetOrder outbound service interface: list order statuses :
trying to call CommonOrderFacadeClient.findByOrderStatus(orderStatusTypes, isSummary);
which is responsible for getting all the order list based on status but the same is not working properly.implementation is done based on Infocenter
here is output of executing  code:
CrmData: ShowOrderDataAreaTypeImpl  (id=1753)
show (id=1128)
originalApplicationArea (id=1769)
responseCriteria null
recordSetCompleteIndicator true
recordSetCount 0
recordSetReferenceId null
recordSetStartNumber 0
recordSetTotal 0
order null
it is neither making inbound call nor throwing any exception during call.
  • Raj.S
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    Re: Order Service unable to get order history list


    Can you enable the trace,*=all


    start the TCP/IP monitor and share the request and response xml's. Going through the trace with this trace enabled would also give you some clue on the issue.


    Rgds, Raj.