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Pinned topic Incomplete display of content withing FileManager Plug-in

‏2013-04-26T12:18:26Z | filemanager mq rdz


we are using RDz 8.0.3 with the Filemanager plugin. While editing a massage on a Message-Queue, the information is truncated: See the attachted for a copy of the RDz screen

The message is completely visible in the lower right corner, with the hex display in the lower left. The "main" displays shows the truncated massage: only the f=irst 15 characters are visible.  The codepage used is 1140 (EBCDIC). The  length of the complete message is 1048576 bytes, as we are testeing "long" messages on Mqueues.

Can anyone explain this phenomenon?

Konnd regards, Konrad Vasterman.