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I am using WEF 8.0.2 and using lotusui30dojo theme. I am using fileUpload builder to upload the files in the form.  I am getting the java script error like below afer clicking form submit button. but things are working fine.

TypeError: wpf_dojo_utils8002201301101002.loadIfNeeded(...) is not a function

Attaching sample model re-created, I tested it from Portal 8.


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    Re: File Upload js errors


    This javascript error is a known "issue".  As you have pointed out, it doesn't affect the application at all, but javascript reports an error in the javascript console.  WEF's Smart Refresh uses to upload files when there is a file upload control in the form. constructs a temporary/hidden iframe in the browser to facilitate the upload request.  The error being reported here has something to do with how the browser is loading/parsing the ajax response from the server in that iframe and is thrown when Smart Refresh copies the content loaded in the iframe into the main frame of the application.  I haven't had time to debug this any further yet, so I'm not entirely sure what the root cause of this is, but it seems harmless at this point.

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