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Pinned topic IIB 10: Newbie: XSD Missing in "Message Model" field

‏2016-11-15T15:47:55Z | iib; message modeler xsd;

Hi Everyone,

I'm new to IIB 10, and after following the tutorial from this Redbook and reading this Knowledge Center page, it seems I should model my XML file, which I've done using an XSD (see images attached). But now, I can't find my XSD file when I click #3 below. That may be normal but I expected it to appear. Can anybody explain it?


  • LuisFelipeBertel
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    Re: IIB 10: Newbie: XSD Missing in "Message Model" field


    I guess is because the xsd file is in the same application, the first two lines says.  Do not set this property if the schema files are in an application or static library. 

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    Re: IIB 10: Newbie: XSD Missing in "Message Model" field


    Hi Seanw2016,

             You should take a note on below two points..

    1. When you create a message model in an application or static library, the message model is not shown in the wizard, because by default the application or service that are referencing the message model library would have visibility to all the schemes. In case, it is in shared library, then you can choose between different schemes based on your need.

    2. For XMLNSC domain messages, message model is not mandatory property, so you can quietly skip that. There is no harm. Smile