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Pinned topic Taking out REF03 from a a group of 3 Ref groups and third one beiong the choice group

‏2013-11-21T09:48:46Z |

Need a clarification on a issue i am facing, i have a group which has 3 REF groups and the third one being a choice group, i need to pick REF03 from all of them based on the Qualifier REF02 from the cross reference. Which is the best way to do so, the group structure below.

Member Ref Unodered Group
  REF_OF Group
  REF_1L group
  MemberID REF CHoice Group(0:12)
    REF_17 Group
    REF_23 group

The structure above is that, there is a Member REF group, which has three groups inside it, the first 2 are REF_0F and REF_1L abd the third one is a Member ID choice gruop, which can occur of 12 times and has 12 differen REFs inside it.

I can not use a IN over here, as the third one is a choice group, as of now i have added two separate rule for 0F and 1L and one separate rule for the choice group.

Is there a other way top do so, and why is that we can not use a IN for all the REF at once