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Pinned topic DS TKLM Proxy Code for DS3500 Storage

‏2013-07-16T18:34:39Z |


We are trying to migrate our local FDE encryption key with TKLM v 2.0.1 for DS3500 Storge, we can't find a supported DS TKLM Proxy Code to accomplish this task, we have configured DS5K proxy code in our storage manager server and unable migrate it with TKLM v2.0.1

If anybody have the DS_TKLM_Proxy_Code.config windows sample will be a great help, the current controller firmware version 07.84.46 will support  External Key Management / FDE premium features by default so we don't have any key file/password to mention in DS TKLM Proxy Code configuration.

Configuration / H/W details

DS3512 | 1746  | C2A

Management Software Version : 10.84.G5.42

Controller Firmware Version :

NVSRAM Version: N1746D35R0784V04

TKLM Software Version :

Jopi K Jose