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We have 2 System X servers:
x3650M3 model 7945
x3650M4 model 7915

External storage DS3512 model 1746 with 2 controllers

Each of the system X servers have M5120 RAID controller cards SAS attached to the external storage.

None of the virtual disks defined in the external storage are showing available to the X servers.

I have been told by IBM hardware support that that DS3512 is not compatible with the M5120 RAID controller cards.

Looking at the server I/O data, both servers support the IBM 6GB SAS HBA card option number 46M0907. 

When I lookup the product info on option code 46M0907 it lists the feature code as 3875.  In the server I/O compatibility for the 3650M4 it lists the feature code as 5982.  The I/O compatibility for the 3650M3 does not list feature codes.
Help Needed:
Please identify which is the correct feature code.

Are these cards what we need to connect this external storage to both xServers and be able to share all virtual drive to both servers?

If we put 2 of these controllers into each sServer will that provide redundant paths to the external storage in the event of 1 of the HBA cards failing?


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    Re: DS3512 Host Connection


    You need a single or dual port SAS HBA running 3 or 6 GBit/s. The external connector should be SFF-8088. If its connected with PCI-e or PCI-X depends on what you already have in your servers, and what PCI Raiser Card you have installed.

    What model number, part number or feature code you need? Ask your average IBM Business partner sales guy... Thats what they are for!

    You need 2 single ports HBAs or 1 dual port, if your DS3512 box have dual controllers.

    With that, you can create LUN's on the DS3512 and present to one or both servers.