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Pinned topic On IBM Director --- HMC Showing "Partial access"

‏2013-11-15T15:32:06Z | help issue. me please resolve this to

# smcli accesssys -u hscroot ushmc0001.americas

Type the password:
DNZCLI0727I : Waiting for request access to complete on... ushmc0001.americas

Result Value: DNZCLI0753I : Request access was successful with errors. : ushmc0001.americas


Prompt response is appreciate.

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  • --Craig
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    Re: On IBM Director --- HMC Showing "Partial access"


    You didn't provide any background, so I am only able to provide some general guidance.

    First, did you follow the instructions in the InfoCenter

    You should verify the CIMServer on the HMC is running, and possibly restart it.

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    Re: On IBM Director --- HMC Showing "Partial access"


    I had the same problem recently. I had a 1 second loss of network connectivity, supposedly. From that point forward, I couldn't get back to full access. In the end nothing I tried from System Director worked, until I rebooted the HMC.