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Pinned topic Deploying Java Stored Procedures to DB2 11 for z/OS in Data Studio

‏2019-02-27T19:54:57Z | #java #stored_procedure

We have a DB2 for z/OS (DB2 11) application that has implemented a number of Java stored procedures.   Prior to upgrading from Data Studio 4.1.2 to 4.1.3, we were able to successfully able to migrate these Java procedures from our Development environment to our System Test environment, and from our System Test environment to our Production environment without any issues.  In this deploy process, we were simply checking the "Drop duplicates" checkbox, which in effect dropped the existing Java stored procedure and replaced it with the new procedure that we were deploying.

However, since upgrading to Data Studio 4.1.3, we have noticed that this deployment process does not work in the same way.  Under 4.1.3, regardless of the fact the we are checking the "Drop duplicates" checkbox, the old procedure is NOT being replaced by the new procedure, even though we get a message saying that the deployment was successful.

We must do now is to manually execute a 'DROP PROCEDURE' SQL statement to drop the old procedure before we can successfully deploy the updated procedure with the same name.

Can someone from IBM please investigate this issue, and let us know how to proceed?  I would be glad to open a PMR at your request.


Thank you.

- Perry Shindle

DB2 Product Specialist