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Pinned topic Importing Custom B2B App from VPP App Store

‏2013-06-03T13:20:39Z |

Is there any method of importing a custom B2B app from the VPP App Store for iOS devices.  I have the URL but it does not work.  I'm fairly certain that it is because this is a password protected area.  The vendor would prefer that we get the app from the B2B store instead of side loading the app via the .IPA file so that we would use the backend Apple update processes.  We can get redemption codes but I need to be able to create the app in the Enterprise App Management as an External App.

Thanks, Paul

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    Re: Importing Custom B2B App from VPP App Store


    Hi Paul,

    I believe the current versions of iOS do not yet support using a B2B app as a managed app... We will see if the newer versions add this support (maybe iOS7) when more details are released...