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Pinned topic Enquiring a process number via c# SDK

‏2015-11-12T15:53:34Z |
At the moment we have an implementation of a C# application that uses the CD SDK to connect to connect direct and send files on another device which has connect. As it stands we are having a connection problem between the SDK and the connect direct instance. This causes the application using the SDK to lose connection to connect direct after a file send request has been submitted to connect direct. This means that the application has not received any feedback from connect direct to confirm whether the file was sent successful.
We are trying to work around the issue by building in additional logic in the application that retries the sends of the file when a connection time out occurs. if this happens the file is resent. however, the receiving end now seems to receive the file multiple times as it was not confirmed whether the file was sent successfully.
To check whether the file was sent successfully we are looking in the connect direct stats process number. This means that the application is able to check whether a file sent for a specific process number was sent successfully before attempting to resend it. However, for our application to be able to work consistently over a number of files that are being processed per job we need to know the file name.
Having checked the documentation it seems that its not possible to get the file name out of the stats as its only available in a process. and a process cant be recreated from the stats information (unless I dont understand how). However, when looking in connect direct on the server when looking up the stat info allows for the source and destination file to be viewed through the statistics. Is there any way of doing this through the SDK?