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Pinned topic MFT file transfer progress stuck at 0% from IIB FTE Output Node

‏2014-11-14T09:56:06Z | troubleshooting

Hi All, 

I am new to MFT and we are trying to setup MFT for file transfer between our IIB and MFT servers. 
We have 2 Queue Managers MFTQMGR & IB9QMGR on the MFT and IIB servers respectively. 
The configurations are as follows 
Coordination Queue Manager: IB9QMGR 
Command Queue Manager: MFTQMGR 
Agents have been created in the MFT Server by using fteCreateAgent command 
./fteCreateAgent -agentName MFT.AGENT -agentQMgr MFTQMGR 
At IIB end the agent was created as per the norm BROKER_NAME.EG_NAME i.e. IB9NODE.ISDCOM1 
I am able to see the status of both the agents as active from the MFT Server, but not from the IIB server. 
The issue is when I send a sample message to my flow containing the FTE o/p nodes, that point to the destination agent MFT.AGENT and a destination folder, the transfer does not take place. 
However, from the MQ explorer I can see that a transfer has started, but the progress remains at 0% 
Below are the details of the properties file that we have at the MFT server end. 
Apart from these there are a pair of SNDR/RCVR channels between the IIB and MFT queue managers. 
So wanted to know from the experts, if there are any configurations that have been left out which might help resolve the problem and start the file transfer, or investigate the cause further? 
I can also see FFDC and ABEND files in the logs folder. 


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    Re: MFT file transfer progress stuck at 0% from IIB FTE Output Node


    You should raise a Service Request with IBM if you are seeing internal errors and failures in MFT.

    Are there any diagnostics in the MFT output log file?

    Are the 2 agents able to resolve put to each others command queues?

    I strongly suggest that you don't use SYSTEM.DEF.SVRCONN. Create a SVRCONN type channel with a dedicated name and mcauser for MFT.

    HTH, G.