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Pinned topic Which event is logged in servicelog when migration is completed.

‏2014-04-15T16:32:20Z |

Hi All,

   I am trying to get an event when the LPAR migartion is completed.

As per the post at :!/wiki/W51a7ffcf4dfd_4b40_9d82_446ebc23c550/page/Migrating%20active%20partitions%20using%20Live%20Partition%20Mobility

a event for migration completion should be logged with reference code = #MIGRATE. But I am not seeing this event after migration completion, just one event : Reference Code:     A0E-FF0 is getting logged.

Please let me know if anyone is having idea on:

1. Is LPM migration event is no longer logged in servicelog ?


2. what is the reference code for it if it is still logged but reference code is changed


 3. Do we need any extra setup or need to install some package to get that event in servicelog.


LPAR information:

 Red Hat release : Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.4 (Santiago)

Servicelog version: servicelog-1.1.11-3.el6.ppc64

libservicelog version: libservicelog-1.1.13-1.el6.ppc64
ppc64-diag version : ppc64-diag-2.5.1-3.ppc64

rtas_errd is running.

 IBM.ServiceRM    rsct_rm          1695    active
 IBM.DRM          rsct_rm          1765    active

Thanks in Advance,





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