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‏2013-06-10T18:09:49Z | bladecenter copper error module switch

Hello everyone, I'm new in this network and still looking in old threads, but posting this new one just in case this wasn't discussed previously, here is my problem, maybe someone can help me.

I have a bladecenter E with 2 copper switchs (BNT Layer 2/3 Copper Gigabit Ethernet Switch Module), the thing is they work fine, but I needed to put an ethernet cable from the port 6 in one of the switches to the port 1 in the other in order to be able to use the second switch.

This means if I remove this "link" made with the ethernet cable, the switch "2" get's isolated from the bladecenter and the networks connected to that switch are lost.

I was checking the config in the switchs but nothing seems to be causing this behavior.


Also, I have my management network connected into the MM modules, but I need to connect the management networkg in the switch "1" in order to be able to reach the MM, if I remove the management network from the switch "1" I lost connectivity to the MM.


Hope someone can help me find out if there is some config that maybe was bad configured and it's causing this behavior.


Thanks in advance to everyone.

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