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Pinned topic How to create a dataObject if BO name space is 'null'

‏2014-07-03T15:14:15Z |

Hi Team,


I have a requirement where I need to create a DataObject using bofactory.Inorder to do that I need to pass the namespace,name of the business object.

But,Name space is coming as null.Is there any API to create a dataObject with out using the name space ?


Here is the same sudoko

Note:If I pass null or ""  to nameSpace it is throwing NULL POINTER EXCEPTION.Please help me on any other way of creating a DataObject


public staticDataObject createDataObject(String nameSpace,String name){


ServiceManager serviceManager = new ServiceManager();

BOFactory boFactory = ("com/ibm/websphere/bo/BOFactory");

return boFactory.create(nameSpace, name);



Thank you,