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Pinned topic Collaboration without traditional boundaries - Extending our BOF session

‏2012-05-10T17:35:25Z |
I'm excited about our Birds of a Feather Session at Innovate in Orlando this year.  The title in case you're looking for it in the Agenda Builder is -   BOF-1770 Engineers can be social - A look at Collaboration without traditional boundaries. 

If you're interested in communities, collaboration, social learning, social business, building your digital reputation  ... or if you're just curious to see what social engineers look like .. we'd love to see you.  We'll be meeting Monday June 4th from 12:45 to 1:30 in the Dolphin - Oceanic 1.

In the spirit of collaboration without traditional boundaries, I'd like to start our BOF session now :) -  If you are interested in this topic, we'd love to hear your thoughts  ... even if you're not going to be in Orlando on June 4th at 12:45PM in the Dolphin - Oceanic 1 - see how I'm trying to collaborate without regard for those traditional boundaries :)

Some conversation starters  ...  for those that want to jump into the conversation now.    If you just want to leave a comment without joining this community, click

  • Identifying the domain or interest area is a key component of successful communities.  What topics are you most interested in seeing us bring people together?
  • We think we know what makes a community valuable to you ... but would like to hear from you what you think.
  • If you're one of the small percentage of people who actively contribute,  let's talk about what motivates you to contribute and share your experiences. 
  • If you're part of the majority of people who just want to listen .. we'd like to listen and hear about what types of topics would you be interested in "listening to"
  • Coming together (even online) is critical to people getting to know each other.  Let's discuss the types of events that you would like to see.
  • What kinds of things/conversations do you NOT want to see when you come to a community?
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    Re: Collaboration without traditional boundaries - Extending our BOF session

    On the 'what motivates you to contribute.. ' question, I will join in a discussion if I think it adds value.  That value can be added in one of several ways.
    • I have insight and expertise on the topic that I think would benefit others.
    • I want more information on the topic and I think that it will come as a response to my contribution.
    • I have expertise, but would like to explore the edges of my knowledge with other experts.
    All of these require me to know something about the other people in the group, which I get from listening for a while before I speak up.  This is the same as at a face to face gathering where I will join in a conversation after listening for a while.  If you really want to get value from a face to face event, then you present a paper; that gets people talking, and you can learn so much more from presenting by encouraging this follow on discussion.  I guess the equivalent here is starting a topic.
    I won't be able to be at the physical session you are running, but I will be following it in the virtual world.