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How can i set a portlet, created with web experience factory 8, to solo mode?

How can i access this portlet (url)?

Use case:

I want to create a portlet with a chart. When the user clicks on an area of the chart a new window should open:

The new window should contain a second portlet which shows detailed data. The new window should only contain the portlet, any surrounding elements (navigation,...) should not be displayed.

Other solutions than solo mode are also welcome. I already thought about a new skin/theme for the page containing the second portlet.








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    Re: Portlet in solo mode


    To set the portlet window state to maximized, you could try the sample in the following thread:

    To pop it up in a dialog,  you could try the Dojo Form Dialog builder.

    To pop the portlet up in a new browser window (not typically recommended - can confuse users and can get you out of synch if you start running portlet actions in that separate browser window that affect the portlets current page),  you could  try a Link builder with a target input set to  _blank

    I hope that info helps,
    ..Mike Burati
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