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‏2013-10-29T13:29:42Z |


in order to test the 4.0.4 release of RTC, I wanted to install a system using the 10 free developers and a DB2 Express-C database. Starting with the 10.5 Express-C I had to find out, that RTC 4.0.4 does not support the 10.5 DB2 release.

When I tried to download the 10.1, I couldn't find any link or download location. What I did find was the 10.1FP3 Express-C download and installation option, but now my DB2 claims to have an evaluation license that will expire within 3 months. Looking at the download description, it's quite clear that I am not allowed to download the FP3 without commercial support. 

The only DB2 Express-C download offered is the latest 10.5. RTC won't work with that, so I can't use this one. We do have a DB2 ESE license, but RTC "10 free developers" is allowed for Derby or DB2 Express-C only. So I must not use the ESE. IBM does not offer a 10.1 Express-C download without fixpack. 

Anyone an idea to solve this?



Stefan Stern