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Pinned topic RedHat Enterprise license questions ..

‏2012-09-27T21:46:14Z |
 Hi all,
1) Can I purchase upto two socket / 15 lpar RHEL license for a 64core 770 (and use other cores for AIX)?
2) For a 64 core p7 770, does two socket / 15 lpar RHEL license limit the number of lpars to 15, or license core count to 16 or BOTH? That is, can I use just one lpar with 20 cores?
3) If I have a two socket / 15 lpar RHEL license on one Power 770, will I need similar license on another Power server if I intend to use Live Partition Mobility between the two?
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    Re: RedHat Enterprise license questions ..

    Janak, a number of us were discussing how to get the right answer for you.  In the technical realms we play in, we're really not sure how this works.
    I suspect this question is something that needs to be directed at Red Hat for their licensing terms and conditions.  We're still poking around the teams, and perhaps some of the queries will get answered early next week.
    If you find something that can be shared, we'd love to hear how this works.