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‏2013-11-13T00:49:42Z |

I am looking for a firmware update for the following module:

Product Name Nortel 6x Layer 2/3 Copper and Fiber GB Ethernet Switch Module
Description Ethernet SM
Part Number 32R1866
FRU Number 32R1869
FRU Serial No. YJ1JXFxxxxxx
Hardware Revision 1
Manuf. Date 3007
UUID 0018 B101 F300 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000
Manufacturer NT ()
Manuf. ID 304
Product ID 5  
Manufacturing Date 0730
Hardware Revision 2
PLD Firmware Version 1.0
Temperature Sensor 1 (Warning) 39.0 C (Warn at 77.0 C/Recover at 72.0 C)
Temperature Sensor 2 (Shutdown) 38.5 C (Warn at 90.0 C/Recover at 80.0 C)
Software Rev (FLASH image1)
Enabled Software features none

i am seeing conflicting reports online on which firmware i should be updated to.


i am seeing that i need to update to before i can upgrade to 1.5 or 5.2.  is this correct?

I can not seem to find the update

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