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‏2012-07-09T08:22:36Z |
 Hi there,
I'm desperately searching for clear and latest updated information regarding HA in PowerLinux environment.
Everything I found is more or less outdated:
As far as I know we can offer Tivoli Systems Automation,
but is there anything else? I know that Veritas is offering (or was offering) something, than SteelEye
and I know that each distribution has its own HA solution.
In my case RHEL HA add-on and ?? heartbeat ??.

I was checking the developerworks   
where these are stated
Find more information on the other high-availability solutions mentioned in this article:
High Availability Cluster Multiprocessing (HACMP)
IBM Tivoli System Automation for Multiplatforms
Legato AAM
SteelEye LifeKeeper
Veritas Cluster Server

(but all these is old information)

and of course also "The PowerLinux Community" page where I haven't found anything.

And now the question:
which HA product is really supported, what do you usually propose and in RHEL case is the HA add-on supported and can we order it somehow (or should the customer talk directly with RedHat)?
Thank you.
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  • OSSAlanR
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    Re: High availability and PowerLinux

    ‏2012-07-09T16:56:55Z  in response to krdoma
     The _supported_ HA situation on Red Hat is in flux.  The most widely used HA product on Linux (and arguably the most powerful) is Pacemaker (child project of Linux-HA - heartbeat).  It has been the predominant HA product for quite a while - and has been available on SuSE and others for years.
    Red Hat has finally started supplying Pacemaker as a technology preview and hired the key pacemaker developer - which says to me that this is their future.  Unfortunately, it's not supported by Red Hat at present.  However, if they want to move this way (and it's a good move), they can purchase support from Linbit.  I haven't talked to Linbit about Power support in the recent past - but these packages are all user-space open source - which typically means platform is irrelevant.
    I used to test earlier versions of Pacemaker on Power - but IBM decided HA wasn't important on Linux, so I found other ways to stay employed ;-).
    I believe HACMP on Linux  has been withdrawn from the market (and it never was a viable product on Linux).
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    • Pradipta_Kumar
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      Re: High availability and PowerLinux

      ‏2012-07-09T16:59:40Z  in response to OSSAlanR
      For RHEL currently the supported HA solution is Tivoli System Automation (TSA). RHEL HA addon is not available for powerLinux. If you can use SLES, then SLES HA extension is also supported
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        Re: High availability and PowerLinux

        ‏2012-07-10T07:42:55Z  in response to Pradipta_Kumar
         Thank you both,
        the customer wants RHEL, they have some home made HA model on x86 and I want to change that with some professional stuff.
        I'm well aware that HACMP is out - I know for some not pleasant experience.
         The "problem" here is that all information on web is not updated (old).
        • Bill_Buros
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          Re: High availability and PowerLinux

          ‏2012-07-10T12:41:57Z  in response to krdoma
          Fair point on the outdated information.   
          The 2004 DeveloperWorks article  on high-availability middleware is a formal article in the technical library.   The DeveloperWorks team tends to leave those up for historical reference information. 
          I updated the LinuxP Commercial Applications page since that is quite old and out of date.    We do recommend  a new page for "Locating Applications for PowerLinux", so I replaced the old content with a link to the new instructions. 
          We're still pursuing a number of other updates.