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Hi.  I found some high level docs about RDZ and it sounded pretty good.  I'm currently not working and I have an idea for a product - and I'm interested in developing a simple prototype of it... but it requires batch and CICS apps to exchange data (real time) with web services.  Can that be accomplished in RDZ?  Also - what are the usage issues/limitations you've run into while working with RDZ?  Appreciate any newbie advice, folks.

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    Just to make sure we are talking about the same thing since you posted in the RDT forum:

    • RDz is a product that essentially provides an Eclipse GUI for mainframe development like Java developers have used for years. It has some tools to help create web services
    • RDz-UT (Unit Test) was completely unrelated to RDz. This is the old name of RDT
    • RDT is the product that provides the zSeries hardware emulation, and thus allows running z/OS and z/VM on x86 hardware. Once z/OS is up and running, it is just another z/OS image with all of the internal connectivity and all the external TCP/IP connectivity you are used to.

    Which one are you referring to?