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Pinned topic Problems with DevWorks Forums

‏2014-03-26T14:53:19Z |


I have been getting a error message when posting to the DevWorks forums lately, and it is a pain.

"It took too long to complete your request"  "try again"

I believe this is the reason that things have been double and triple posted in the forums lately as it usually seems to go through on the first try, it just says that it did not and takes a bit to show up.

Attached is a screenshot.



  • JasonHonda
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    Re: Problems with DevWorks Forums


    Definitely agree things are wrong. The team monitoring these forums are in no position to help with the administration of the forum unfortunately. I would recommend sending feedback here.

    Obviously pointing to this thread. I will try and reach out as well, but obviously the more people complaining, hopefully the more help we can get.