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Pinned topic Cognos Framework manager development memory issue

‏2013-04-19T06:55:49Z |

Goodmorning IBM techs,

I've got a question.


1 gateway server (2 gig mem) Development, Test ,Acceptance ,

1 dispatch server (4 gig mem) Development,

1 framework server Development, Test, Acceptance.

A sybase datawarehouse (IQ) and a SQL server repository. The problem is that i can fire a query on a framework model on acceptance who gives me 200.000 rows in 10 seconds. When i fire a query in development it takes 30 seconds - 1 minute and it gives a CCLOutOfMemory Exception:

BmtActionsHelper.cpp(475), CCLOutOfMemoryError:CCL_RETHROW: BmtActionsHelper::DoAction. CCLIDOM_Element.ccp(108): CCLOutOfMemoryError:CCL_THROW:CCLIDOM -> Xerces

The Framework manager closes and this query is using 3 gig instead of 1 gig on acceptance. Beside of that i somethimes get a runtime error on BMT.exe

Extra info: I reinstalled the framework manager and tested de query on sybase. After the install same result , on sybase no problems

Kind regards,



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    Re: Cognos Framework manager development memory issue


    For you information, i changed the environment into a large business environment to comply to the Java Heap memory setting in Cognos.