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‏2013-09-26T19:21:14Z | db2 idmt

We're evaluating IDMT to migrate DB2 z/OS V9.1 to DB2 LUW V9.7 on AIX and would like to know if anyone else has performed such a migration. One issue with IDMT is using the presented "Source Schemas" which doesn't seem to be a good method of selecting data (databases / table spaces) to migrate.

To select the source data is there a way of just specifying the DB2 z/OS database and table-spaces? The "Source Schema" that IDMT presents doesn't seem to work for us.  Any recommendations and/or comments are appreciated, thanks.

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    Re: IDMT DB2 z/OS to DB2 LUW Data Selection


    Hi, new to this forum and I see this question for the first time. Don't know if in the mean time you have found a solution or that you have abandoned the tool... Just in case: perhaps you can create a set of aliases or synonyms using one schemaname that points to all tables you want to migrate. Or, if you cannot do this for one or the other reason, create views for that purpose under the same schema?

    Regards, Marcel.