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We're in the process of defining interfaces for a system and would also like to capture message formats and protocols.  Can anyone point me to some good documentation and best practices for doing so?  The Rhapsody help system is pretty useless on this subject.

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    One benefit of modelling interfaces with Rhapsody is to ensure consistency in your model through clearly defining interfaces, leading to improve reusable nature across the system and simplify testing of sub-systems with using various automated model-based features (animated sequence diagram, stubbing out an interface and replace with a test driver, etc). Check out rhapsody enlightenment site from the link below and look for " Systems Engineering: Creating Interface Specifications with Rational DOORS and Rhapsody". You might find it helpful. 
    In Rhapsody, ports and contracts are used to define interfaces just as described in UML specification. Some of samples like Dish Washer will show examples of interface usage. These are sources I always revisit when I got stack in interface designing.