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Hi all,

I want to connect doors with a web service. for example: i want to connect with a web service temperature conversion ( and I want to introduce one value in doors(dxl) and give me back the correct value.


Anyone could help me with some idea or similar script?



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    Re: How to connect with web service


     Try using a  win32SystemWait_ call, best to keep it simple if possible, example below: -

     //function to check if we are running windows 7
    bool isItWindows7() {
     string tmpfile = getenv("TEMP")
     tmpfile = tmpfile "\\thisVer.txt"
     string res
     win32SystemWait_("cmd /C ver > \"" tmpfile "\"", res, syswaitINFINITE_)
     //read piped file into variable
     string thisVer = readFile(tmpfile)
     if( matches("Version 6", thisVer)) {
      return true
     else {
      return false

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