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Jorge Nagasaki
Jorge Nagasaki
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Pinned topic RDz Custom Code Review - Call stmt

‏2013-10-16T18:22:07Z |

Hi,  I am trying to create a custom rule in Code Review function of RDz.   I am able to run some samples, and simple custom rules, and Now I have a specific need in our tests.    I need to check the name of the program that is in the  Call statement in cobol source. Or the name of the variable..  I tried to find someway in the CallStmt object to get this information , but I was not able to find a way to get the called program .   Do you have any idea how to accomplish this?   tks

  • AdamBritt
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    Re: RDz Custom Code Review - Call stmt

    ‏2013-11-19T16:12:04Z  in response to Jorge Nagasaki

    You may have figured it out already, but since I was working with the CallStmt earlier today the answer is easy for me.


    The interface CallStmt has a method "getProgram" which gets the program name. The return type of this function is DataRefOrLiteral, which is an umbrella type that is either a DataRef (variables and a bunch of other stuff) or a literal (hard coded value). You then need to go further down the type hierarchy, depending on which type in order to get the actual value.