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Pinned topic Process Engine Event Log Purging

‏2013-10-12T09:52:36Z |

I looking for possible solutions for purging event logs from FileNet Process Engine. We have Process Engine 4.5.1 installed on Win 2008 with Db2 9.5 as database.

VWDB Database size :  252 GB
Single table F_SW.VWLOG1_164 (Event Log table) size in this database is  251 GB

Please let me know best way to purge the event log data.

  • mattiasgreen
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    Re: Process Engine Event Log Purging

    ‏2013-10-16T04:52:48Z  in response to AnupKum5

    The best way to purge the log data in your particular case is hard to tell, just by looking at the information you've provided. Have you taken a look at the documentation?

    Note! You should be very careful before running this tool. You probably want to make sure that you are not removing log data for running work objects, depending on your needs, of course.

    "Use the vwlog utility to move log records and purge log data from the Process Engine database for a single virtual server Process Engine system.

    The vwlog utility runs on any Process Engine virtual server. The machine where you installed the Process Engine can host multiple virtual servers. Thus, when you are on a particular machine and you want to run vwlog in a particular virtual server, you must supply a virtual server name. If you want to work on the default one, you can skip this parameter."

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