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‏2013-11-21T11:22:39Z | 3.2 dmapi hsm tsm

We want to upgrade a pretty old x86 GPFS/HSM environment what consist GPFS 3.2.1 + TSM 5.5 (RSCT) on three x3650M2 servers with RHEL4 OS. The capacity on tape is quite huge in this particular case.

Based on our investigation the upgrade to version GPFS 3.5, TSM 6.4 and RHEL6 (let say the recent supported versions by 3.5) would take several steps. At least seven, because of the dependencies between the various versions.

Does anybody know a shorter or easier way to deliver this upgrade ?

Thanks in advance !

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    Re: GPFS+HSM upgrade 3.2.1


    If you can tolerate downtime, you could do one big bang upgrade, GPFS and OS to the latest levels in the same shot.  If you want to do a rolling upgrade without an outage, that will indeed require a sequence of steps, moving through successive versions of GPFS and the levels of Linux that works with those.  If you have some spare nodes, and you storage is external, you could set up a new cluster, and then have a very quick downtime to do a network reconfig to cut over to the new nodes and run mmexportfs/mmimportfs.