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‏2013-05-14T19:23:43Z |

How do I change the monitoring characteristics for a database?

When I go to the database tab to try and change/review the monitoring characteristics of a database and I select the database, the button labeled "monitor" changes to "loading" and I am never able to do anything.  

Any suggestions?

  • KaranKaruppiah
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    Re: OPM Monitoring 5.2


    Hello JJGritmon,

    Apologies for the late response.

    Still are you running into this issue? If so can you please send me the screen shots as How you are trying to update the existing monitoring properties?

    In the database panel , make sure you select the edit option for the database you required to update the properties.


    thanks & regards

    Karan - OPM Development

  • 6P2G_Abhay_Singh
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    Re: OPM Monitoring 5.2


    Hi ,

    Ideally it takes time for loading but not like as you are mentioning. Did you get a chance to look at datatools.log, ds_system.0 and other log files. It must refelect some error. I faced this problem and this pertained to inconsistency.





  • PMartir
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    Re: OPM Monitoring 5.2


    It looks like some issue with the credentials.
    When I login to OPM using the credential in uppercase this button is active and I can change configuration.
    When I login to OPM using the credential in lowercase this button is not active and I can't change configuration.

    I hope it helps someone.