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Does anyone have any CARLA code that can report on what zAlerts are SELECTED and their gECSWU / Configuration settings ? 


Currently we have a monthly task to perform a compliance check on our zAlerts and we are using cut and paste from SE.A.A - would rather have the ability to include a CARLA report that can be added to our other Compliance checks.   

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    Re: zAlert


    Hi Brett

    Member C2PJRECI in your CKRJOBS or SCKRSAMP data set produces a report of all active alerts.  There is minimal mention of this report in Chapter 4 of the zSecure Alert manual.  It calls the same program that is used by SE.A.A to analyze the alert definition tables.


    The ACONF parm is used to identify the name of the alert set you use.  An email is generated for each email address that appears in the recipient list of any alert.  The email subject contains a cryptic C2PETVP0, which results from an attempt to use the same product name throughout the displays and reports.  Unfortunately, this field is not set in batch jobs.  It should contain a value of "IBM Security Alert," so no worries.

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