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‏2014-02-03T16:44:57Z | contact mdm-migration method party update

Hello All:


I have a web service exposing MDM data to portals. We have both contact method as well as privacy preference for contact method. The web service need to expose last update date and user for the lates update on either contact method or preference. What we have noticed is that when a request for update comes the object may not contain preference object. In that case the last update date and user for contact method, location group, and preferneces are different. My question is, it is possible to always have last update date of location group updated for updatePartyContactMethod with privacy or without privacy object. The reason I am asking this question is that I don't want the service to loop through the entire contact method object to find out latest last update date, if I can guarantee that Location Group will always have the lates info, I can ask them to pick it up from there.


Any help is really appreciated.