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Pinned topic UTF-8 encoding of welsh char with localised resource bundles

‏2013-10-08T14:30:20Z | bundles localisation resource runtime utf-8

Our env

WebSphere Portal v

Tool: WEF v7.0.1


We are implementing runtime localisation of welsh language. But we are facing problem with

delivering a words containing non iso-8859-1 char encoding.

While saving the resource bundles Eclipse complained about no support and gave option to

Save as UTF-8. Then resource bundles are getting saved properly. But Once the page is

rendered, html is displaying wrong characters than the one in the resource bundles.

As i remember we cannot use ascii code as well in the resource bundle with out risking the

possibility of cross site scripting. (enabling the full page parse in the

Is there any settings i have to make it to enable the proper content delivery with special


Note : If we write a complete htmls with if else condition to server different copy for

english and welsh it is working. But we wanted to use the localisation feature

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    Re: UTF-8 encoding of welsh char with localised resource bundles


    Afaik, Java Resource bundles are expected to be ascii / iso-8859-1 on disk when used with the java ResourceBundle API/classes.

    Do a web search for "java resource bundle native2ascii" for info on conversion to the resource bundle property file format.

    The danger with XSS is mainly allowing text from an input to be used without protection, in output (especially between users).

    WEF's own resource bundles use the ascii encoding, eg:

    # Example: The target page "page1" must be declared in the builder call list prior to the Dojo Enable builder. 
    DojoEnableBuilder.0=La page cible "{0}" doit \u00eatre d\u00e9clar\u00e9e dans la liste d''appels de g\u00e9n\u00e9rateur avant le g\u00e9n\u00e9rateur Activation Dojo. 
    I hope that info helps,
    ..Mike Burati 


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