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Pinned topic Restrict Baseline capability to a group with a trigger

‏2014-03-21T15:26:20Z | access baselines doors; dxl trigger


Is there an event that can be used to trigger the creation of a baseline? I would like to restrict who can create a baseline but still allow normal user the ability to modify and create objects in current.

The idea would be if a user is not in a certain group they would not be allowed to create a baseline. The trigger would capture a user trying to create a baseline, check the groups they are in and either allow the ability to create or display a message indicating it is an admin function. 

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance. 

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    Re: Restrict Baseline capability to a group with a trigger


    That is not possible. You may be successful with removing the 'Baselining' menu items from the clients or replace it by your own script. There are discussions on this forum on how to do that. Maybe that helps, regards, Mathias