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Pinned topic SQL1036C Error when connecting to a database

‏2013-09-16T20:53:58Z |

Getting the following error when trying to execute a connect.

db2 => connect to mydb;
SQL1036C  An I/O error occurred while accessing the database.  SQLSTATE=58030

Running a db2start gives the following error

$ db2start
SQL1652N  File I/O error occurred.

the db2diag.log does not have a corresponding entry but the last few lines in the log file is as follows.


2013-06-12- I53628526E554       LEVEL: Error

PID     : 11605                TID  : 46939424942400PROC : db2sysc 0

INSTANCE: db2inst2             NODE : 000          DB   : TRANHIST

APPHDL  : 0-7054               APPID: *LOCAL.db2inst2.130612132323


EDUID   : 39719                EDUNAME: db2agent (TRANHIST) 0

FUNCTION: DB2 UDB, database utilities, DIAG_ERROR, probe:0

DATA #1 : String, 118 bytes

LOADID: 39719.2013-06-12- (2;3080)

Marking index OK , 0, (nil), Detected in file:sqluvld.C, Line:5715



What seems to be the problem?