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Pinned topic Is it possible to use Workplan Map with WorkOrder?

‏2013-05-12T07:48:50Z |

The Workplan Map for a Change, Configuration process or Activity provides a quick visual snapshot of all of the tasks that are defined for the process, but only the application WorkOrder does not contain this tab. Is it possible to use Workplan Map with WorkOrder?
And how this applet can be added to the application? There is no hint of it in XML.

<tab id="pmchgprocessdetail" label="Workplan Map">

        <section border="true" id="pmchgprocessdetail_sec">
         <sectionrow id="pmchgprocessdetail_secrow">
          <sectioncol id="pmchgprocessdetail_seccol1">
           <section id="pmchgprocessdetail_sec1">
            <multiparttextbox dataattribute="wonum" descdataattribute="description" id="pmchgprocessdetail_wonum"/>
          <sectioncol id="pmchgprocessdetail_seccol2">
           <section id="pmchgprocessdetail_sec2">
            <textbox dataattribute="status" id="pmchgprocessdetail_status"/>
            <textbox dataattribute="siteid" id="pmchgprocessdetail_siteid" inputmode="readonly"/>
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    Re: Is it possible to use Workplan Map with WorkOrder?


    Add the following two lines to the wotrack.xml and you should be seeing the workplan map in the Plans tab.

    I've tried it and can see the work plan map, but didn't test it functionally.

    Just after the <clientarea name="">, add

    <datasrc beanclass="" id="pmchgflowmapdatasrc" mboname="WOACTIVITY" />

    Just before the </clientarea>, add 

     <flowmap activityrelation="SHOWCHILDREN" height="500" id="pmchg_flowmap_applet" nodepopuptarget="pmchgflowmapdatasrc"  tabgroupid="maintabs" tabid="plans" taskrelation="SHOWTASKS" width="100%" />