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Pinned topic URL Not Registering on HTTP Receive

‏2014-06-27T22:35:04Z |

Lately when I deploy my orchestrations, it doesn't matter which one, their HTTP listeners are failing. 

Sometimes I get a 404, but most of the time I get this:


Exception while processing Web Service activity.  Error message: [URI: /9F18D4680674CD18F4463B3899AF4155/Services/ThisURL/Has/Been/Sanitized, Port: 80, Operation Name: notifications] has not been registered.  


This error is showing up in the WMC's System error log.  We're using Cast Iron Cloud.


These are jobs that have been running for months without fail, and suddenly I'm seeing this.


I have tried different URLs of all sorts, and it doesn't seem to make a difference.  I am at my wits' end.



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