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Pinned topic how to select users based on an other field in the form

‏2013-11-28T06:55:04Z | clearquest hooks


I have a requirement where I need to allow users to be selected based on the "Support group".
Say we have 3 suport groups like ABC, MNO and XYZ, and there are users or employees who are put under a different field "Support Analyst".
So when you select the "Support Group" as ABC, then only employees or users from this group are to be selected under "Support Analyst". If this condition is violated, then there should be a warning or an error message to be dispayed. Mind you the "Support Analyst"now displays the complete list of users from all the groups.
Same should be the case with other groups like MNO and XYZ.
How do we go about to implement this? based on the email-id's is what I understand? 
The script that is in use is VB scripting.
Can someone let me know in detail on this? Any example or a sample VB script will be very helpful.


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    Re: how to select users based on an other field in the form


    You can create a stateless record type, "Support Group". It can have the group name (short string), list of users (users reference list), and active/inactive flag (it might be helpful to deactivate a group without deleting it).

    On the state-based record support group field would be a reference to the "Support Group" record, and users choice list would be based on your group selection (by getting user reference list values + include make sure that current user is added into the list to preserve historical selection).

    This way your implementation could be more flexible and would not require schema changes when you need to add/remove/update groups.