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Pinned topic DatabaseMetaData.getTables not returing the list of tables

‏2014-05-28T07:41:11Z | gettables schema


Am writing a java client to connect to Informix 11.7.

Am using the JDBC driver "ifxjdbc.jar" that came along with installation.

My requirement is to list the tables present under each schema in the database.

There are two schemas in the database "Administrator" and "informix",

Am using the following code to retrieve the list of tables in the schema which is not returning the list of tables,

conn.getMetaData().getTables("testdb", "Administrator", null, null);

If I change the code by passing the null to the schemaPattern parameter am able to fetch the tables,

conn.getMetaData().getTables("testdb", null , null, null);

My question is

why the schemaPattern filter is not working?

Is there a bug in the driver?

Do i need to add any driver properties while creating the connection?


Arun Dev