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Pinned topic How does the UI tech preview determine where it will write log files?

‏2013-04-17T20:32:27Z |

I'm attempting to run the UI admin tech preview but get messages like the following.
"There was a problem writing to /usr/lpp/zWebSphere/V850beta/wlp/usr/servers/uiTechPreview/logs/ui.log"
This is pretty self-explanatory but I would expect the log files to be written to the actual server directory where the server is running, not the original Liberty installation directory. /usr/lpp/zWebSphere/V850beta/wlp is where Liberty was installed, but it is read only for most users. When a user wants to create a server they have to set WLP_USER_DIR to a directory of their own where the server will be created. The UI admin tech preview does not appear to respect either the WLP_USER_DIR or WLP_OUTPUT_DIR variables based on the above messages. How can I get the UI admin tech preview to respect these variables?

  • RamVennam
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    Re: How does the UI tech preview determine where it will write log files?

    ‏2013-04-18T14:34:37Z  in response to Jared

    Jared, thanks for using the UI Tech Preview. This is a known defect and will be fixed in our development stream.

    I hope you are able to try out the UI running on a server where the configuration and runtime are not separated.