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Pinned topic Regarding FTEInput node in message broker

‏2013-04-16T14:52:19Z |


I am using FTEInput node in one of my flow to transfer files through agents.

Broker version -

WMQ version  -

OS - windows XP SP3

When i deploy the flow having one FTEInput node which will be transfering the file , i could see some sub directories created under the work path, mainly  under:-

<work path>/common/FTE/<Broker-Name>/<Execution Group>/Inbox  ( default path from where FTEInput will take the files to process). Under this Inbox directory, i could see some other sub directories :-  mqsiarchive, mqsibackout and mqsitransitin.

As i understand from infocenter, FTEInput nodes doesn't use mqsitransitin folder and neither mqsiarchive folder, so for what purpose these subdirectories are created when a flow having FTEinput node is deployed in the broker.

Also is there any other way, we can archieve the transferred filed from FTEInput node?