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Pinned topic ICN: two custom plugins configuration causes KO of one plugin

‏2013-10-18T10:57:25Z | configuration custom icn plugins

Hi all,

I have a strange behaviour when I install and configure two my plugins, LaunchWFPlugin and MonitoringPQPlugin.

The LaunchWFPlugin has an action and a service, the MonitoringPQPlugin has a feature and a service.

I put the jars file in a local server path, loaded in the administartor desktop and configured menu/features of a desktop.

When in the desktop I call the LaunchWFPlugin action in a document menu I see the js error (in the firebuf net panel):

"NetworkError: 500 Internal Server Error -"

The js that it is trying to download is not under the MonitoringPQPlugin but in LaunchWFPlugin!!

The MonitoringPQPlugin works fine.

What is the problem?

It is possible that the same dojo module name "dojoPlugin" in both plugins jar is the cause of the problem (the package name are different)?

Thanks in advance


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    Re: ICN: two custom plugins configuration causes KO of one plugin


    The same dojo module package name in both plugins is likely the cause of the problem.  They will need to be unique for each plugin.  Dojo uses a global mapping of module package names to URL's.  ICN registers the module names into that mapping so the second plugin is overriding the first's, sending both requests to the same plugin.