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Pinned topic Dear SystemAdmin - may I have my postings back?

‏2013-06-12T19:49:07Z | jvogel posts systemadmin

Dear SystemAdmin - may I have my postings back?  After the upgrade last month, you kind of took over my posts along with a few others here.  I mean, I'll feel bad if we have to break this off.  It has been three years that we have been together and all.  Not that I am jealous, but I feel kind of used.  Our other developer friends would probably agree with me - you need to put my name back on those posts.  Was it something I did or said?  Sometimes systems change, I understand that, but still - can we work this out?   Personally, I liked you the way you were.  You were my one and only forum.  I'm not ready to see other forums yet, but if you want this relationship to continue - please compromise with me.    I'm just saying it doesnt have to be this way. Please try.