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Pinned topic Unable to run DB2 CLP utilities in SQW

‏2013-11-26T18:21:58Z |

I am having an issue with a data warehouse application that I developed using Design Studio and deployed to a LINUX server.

Note: There are two LINUX servers: One runs SQW (with remote DB2 catalogs) and the other runs DB2.

The application does nothing other than invoke a RunStats operator and when I run the deployed application on my LINUX server, I get the following error:

code: 0 : exception: Cannot run program "db2": error=2, No such file or directory

SQW03260I: Exit status for Runstats is 255.

Within the Administrative Console, I have successfully run the "Test DB2 CLP" for the databases that I am accessing.

I used ROOT to install SQW and have cataloged the remote databases using a separate DB2 Client instance called "dtengine".


Any ideas?