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‏2014-02-11T07:36:01Z | ds4700; firmware

Hi All,

My system have DS4700 (1814-70A) with firmware version Now i have new HDD with new firmware so i need to upgrade my system to new version. I download firmware version from website, when i go to SM menu and point to folder containt firmware files but it show nothing. 

I try to upgrade firmware menu from first screen (Tools - Upgrade Controller Firmware) but it show error and dont let me upgrade. Error said:

[Feb 11, 2014 2:20:21 AM] [AAA-DR-DS4700] [pre-upgrade tests] [check spm database]

An error occurred while checking the spm database on controller A

Anyone have idea to help me do this upgrade. I attached all data files.

Thansk and best regards,



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    Re: DS4700 Firmware upgrade problem!


    Dear Danh,

    try ether power off/on whole storage, or set offline/online for both controllers one by one. Then try update fw again.

    Good luck,
    Alexander Novikov
    Russia, Moscow