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I have a ClearCase client install (CC v8.0.0.x) that did not get the LKAD (License Key Admninstrator) from Installation Manager.  Is there a way of only installing LKAD and not doing the entire ClearCase client install again?  When I try to kick off IM again it gets to a point and says "the folder already has files in it and it" and then the install dies. Would be nice if IM had a "fix" install like the Windows OS where it just replaces missing or corrupt components.

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  • benray
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    Re: Installing LKAD separately?


    I believe you can add the lkad repository to IM from within the CC 8.0.0 repository. I just checked one and it is located here:

    <path to repository>\disk1\lkad\repository.config

    Will that allow you to install LKAD? I don't see any reason you should have to reinstall ClearCase. Which folder is IM complaining already has files, and what operation was attempted to get that far?

  • brcowan
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    Re: Installing LKAD separately?


    The Rational License Key administrator is a separate repository, and installs into a separate "product group," and DOES NOT install into the ...\RationalSDLC directory. The benefit of this is that you don't need to reinstall ClearCase, you just need to install LKAD.

    I'm pretty willing to bet you're trying to install it into ...\IBM\RationalSDLC, and Installation Manager won't allow that. If, on the other hand, you take the defaults, which will create an "IBM Rational RLKS" product group, and install into ...\IBM\RationalRLKS, you should be OK.

    FYI, this assumes that the ClearCase host you're installing on is not already a license server. But in that case you would already have LKAD...