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Pinned topic infomap javascript deployment fails - ISAM 9.0.4 Docker Container

‏2019-04-15T01:45:19Z | isam9.0.4 javascript-api

I am running ISAM Docker container - config, webseal, ldap, dsc all running and configured successfully. I haven't added the postgres DB though. 


I have downloaded Infomap/template js/html files from URL. I have added template initiate_api_policy.json file and deployment was successful. Now I am trying to add each Infomap javascript file. My import is successful for each file such as api_policy_init.js, api_policy_config.js etc. However when I try to deploy it following the yellow deployment warning instruction it fails with below message.

Any idea why it is happening?


"The system encountered an error while it was attempting to apply the changes, and has reverted all values to the previous state. Contact IBM Customer Support."